Student Writing Competition 2nd IHC 2015

Call for Entries

As a part of the International Hindi Conference, 2015, we plan to organize a special session for and by K12 students who are enrolled in Hindi classes at public or community schools in USA or other parts of North or South America. Students will be seleced to moderate and deliberate in this session.

In order to provide an incentive for Hindi learning Honorable Consul General Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay has announced cash awards for three top winners of original writing competition in essay, story, article and poem categories. Ambassador Mulay will announce the winners of the competition and present prizes in the later part of the students’ session.

More details about the session will be included in the final agenda of the conference. Students and parents are welcome to attend. We urge all parents, students, who wish to attend the conference, to register through our web-based link:

Submit Entries to the following Emails

We invite Middle and High School students in the age group 10-18, to submit their creative writing entries to any of the following emails by February 25th, 2014:
Sushma Malhotra:
Sanjyot Tatke:
Hindi Sangam:



Who Can Enter

Middle & High School Students
Age 10-18

Cash Awards Presented by

Honorable Consul General Ambassador of India

Story, Article and Essay Criteria

Must be 200-300 words

Poem Criteria

Must have 15-20 lines

Entry Guideline

Dear teachers and parents:
Please encourage your students/children to participate in the Hindi Writing competition. Writing can be in any of the genre such as story, article, essay, and poem.

1) Below are the criteria for participants:
• Participant must be a student
• Age: between 10-18 years old
• Write only in Hindi language
• Signature for original work
• Article, story or essay must have 200 words to 300 words.
• Poem must have 15-20 lines

2) Writing of article, essay, or story should be on any of the below topics:
• Importance of learning Hindi as a second language, or foreign language or native language
• Your favorite Indian festival and why?

3) Poem should be on any of the following themes:
National symbols of India, for example;
• Indian flag
• National bird: peacock
• National flower: lotus
• National monuments: Taj Mahal, India Gate etc.

4) All writings will be judged by a panel of reader/judges. Their judgment will be final.
• Judges will use the following criteria for any type of the genre writing:

Submission deadline for the Competition is February 25th, 2015.