21st Century Hindi
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Our Vision

Innovation in Hindi Learning


In summer of 2009, a committed group of Hindi teachers, journalists, and scholars, while attending a Hindi teaching workshop in the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, decided to set up a non-profit organization to promote Indian culture, heritage and values through the vehicle of Hindi language.

Yuva Hindi Sansthan
The organization, conceived as youth centric, was named Yuva Hindi Sansthan (YHS). The founders vowed to work for the sole aim of revitalizing and promoting the heritage language Hindi among the youths in the United States and other countries.

Yuva Hindi Sansthan Inc. strives to create opportunities to improve the communicative capacity (communication skill) of youngsters in Hindi through youth-centered workshops, meetings, cultural events, and other educational, academic and community-oriented activities throughout US. In order to meet its objective, YHS has also opened pathways to explore venues for working with the other organizations and institutions with similar goals and objectives, researchers, social activists and individuals.

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Hindi Sangam Foundation
Hindi Sangam Foundation, a New Jersey based non-profit educational and cultural organization was established in 2015. Founded by Ashok Ojha, a journalist and teacher, to meet complementing goals of promoting Hindi learning and cultural practices in the Indian Diaspora, it's immediate objective was to organize International Hindi Conference in collaboration of universities, educational organizations as well as institutions that supported the idea of promoting Hindi language and culture globally.

Managed by a board of trustees Hindi Sangam Foundation was awarded its first federal grant to conduct STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Program in the summer of 2016 in association with Franklin Township Board of Education in New Jersey.

Ashok Ojha
President, Yuva Hindi Sansthan & Hindi Sangam Foundation


Our Unique Approach: The Startalk Way

STARTALK Hindi programs organized by YHS and HSF are designed to implement a standards-based and thematically organized curriculum that integrates culture, content and language. Our instructors are trained under the STARTALK-endorsed Principles. These principles are characteristics of highly effective language teaching and learning. We provide multiple opportunities for our learners to work with authentic, age-appropriate authentic audio visual material and texts in a learner-centered environment where they engage in real-world performance tasks that allow them to use the target language beyond the classroom.


ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and the World Readiness Standards for Language Learning: 

The ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines are descriptions of what individuals can do with language in terms of speaking, writing, listening, and reading in real-world situations in a spontaneous and non-rehearsed context. 

Language learning as described in the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages is based on five goal areas that connect the development of communication skills (through three modes of communication that connect reading, writing, listening, and speaking with a communicative purpose) with meaningful contexts and engaging content (exploring cultures, examining connections, making comparisons, and participating in communities).

See This PDF on the ACTFL Website


The Five C’s

The five “C” goal areas (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) stress the application of learning a language beyond the instructional setting. The goal is to prepare learners to apply the skills and understandings measured by the Standards, to bring a global competence to their future careers and experiences.

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A team that keeps Hindi learners at the core of all they do.


Classroom Team

Teachers come from a variety of backgrounds but what they have in common is qualifications as STARTALK trained professionals. 



Sandhya Bhagat
Kusum Knapczyk
Nilakshi Phukan

Assistant Teachers

Bina Bengali
Neha Bhardwaj
Pooja Bindal
Sangeeta Jain
Ekta Kundan
Akhila Shekhar
Shreya Tripathi

Former Teachers

Brijrani Gupta
Rashmi Gupta
Savita Nayak
Mainoo Murmu 
Suparna Pathak
Mamta Puri
Meenakshi Singh
Mamta Tripathi


Organizational Team

Inventory manager and backbone of the organization including management of all classroom inventory, organizing catering for students and teachers and administrative assistance.


Procurement Manager
Hema Ojha


Board of Trustees


Yuva Hindi Sansthan

Dr. Surendra Gambhir

Mr. Ashok Ojha

Mrs. Sanjyot Tatke

Mrs. Akhila Sekhar

Hindi Sangam Foundation

Dr. Bijoy Mehta

Mrs. Purnima Desai
Vice Chairman

Mr. Ashok Ojha

Dr. Binod Sinha



Program Director


Ashok Ojha is a New Jersey based journalist and teacher, where he manages two non-profit organizations, Yuva Hindi Sansthan and Hindi Sangam Foundation, both dedicated to promotion of Hindi language in USA and beyond. Well-versed in national standards and best practices in curriculum instruction appropriate for US schools, Ashok is a K-12 certified teacher for social studies.