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Yuva Hindi Sansthan (YHS)

Yuva Hindi Sansthan is a non-profit educational and cultural organization with the goal of promoting Hindi learning and cultural practices in the Indian Diaspora.


Yuva Hindi Sansthan, Inc., a New Jersey based non-profit organization (501-C-3), is dedicated to promote Hindi learning in USA. Our major activity is in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, where we are organizing Summer Immersion Program called STARTALK in association with North Penn School District since 2013. Prior to 2013 Yuva Hindi organized STARTALK Hindi Program in Bensalem, PA (2012); Newark, Delaware (2011) and Atlanta (2010).

The organization is led by its president Ashok Ojha, President and Director of YHS STARTALK PROGRAM. He is assisted by an Executive Committee chaired by Dr. Surendra Gambhir, UPenn, who  is also the mentor of most of YHS members.

Yuva Hindi Sansthan was launched in 2009 at the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where a group of Hindi professionals including Ashok Ojha, Manju Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar, Dolly Chatterjee were attending the STARTALK Teacher Training Program under Professor Vijay Gambhir and Dr. Surendra Gambhir.

The group decided to launch Yuva Hindi Sansthan with focus on teaching Hindi to young Heritage learners and train teachers under the guidelines of ACTFL proficiency guidelines and STARTALK ENDORSED BEST PRACTICES FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING. Since then we have diligently working towards expanding the base for Hindi learning and teaching.

We are fortunate to have been awarded STARTALK Student Summer Programs every year since 2010. Today, YHS is ready to embark upon its next phase of developing varieties of teaching and learning material for Novice and Intermediate learners which would be made available on this site at no cost.

YHS creates opportunities to improve the communicative capacity of young learners. In order to meet its objectives we have opened pathways to explore venues for working with the other organizations and institutions with similar goals and objectives, research, publications, and other related activities.


YHS - STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Program 2019

Overarching Theme: 'A Virtual Trip to India: North-South-East-West’

Post Program Activities

STARTALK requires for all students to attend learning sessions (online and onsite) during pre and post program period, especially writing practice.

Hindi Diwas Event : Sept 21, 2019 ( Click here Hindi Diwas Flyer For YHS STARTALK Hindi Language Program 2019)
Reunion and Diwali : November 30, 2019
Republic Day event : January 25, 2020


Yuva Hindi Sansthan will hold its tenth STARTALK Hindi program in the Summer of 2019 at Gwyn-Nor Elementary School, 139 Hancock Road,North Wales, PA 19454 from June 24-July 12, 2019 (9AM-4PM: Monday-Friday). There will be no class on July 4, 2019. We will conduct a day long field trip on Saturday, July 6.

The program aims at teaching Hindi to Elementary, Middle and High School students using varieties of activities under the theme of 'A Virtual Trip to India: North-South-East-West'. K-12 (Early Elementary (K-2); Elementary (Gr. 3-5); Middle ( Gr. 6-8); and High (Gr. 9-12) School students are eligible to apply. Prior knowledge of Hindi is not necessary.


Program Dates

A three-week intensive summer program to improve speaking, reading and writing skills of Elementary, Middle and High School students.

June 24th- July 12th, 2019

9 am - 4 pm. Monday - Friday
15 days of intensive summer program.

Total instruction hours: 105. No classes on July 4th. Field Trip: July 6th. Graduation Day: July 12th

No Tuition.

Program Venue

Gwyn-Nor Elementary School, 139 Hancock Road,North Wales, PA 19454



The theme of the program is: ‘My virtual trip to India-East-West-North-South’.
It is divided into three sub-themes, ‘What to See’, ‘What to Do’ and ‘What to Eat’.

We will select new material related with 'Virtual Trip to India' to add new information about India's geography, zoology, social traditions and culture. New topics from North-South-East-West of India have been selected in order to enrich students learning skills and their knowledge about India.They will experience Dussahara festival (South), visit a beach in Odisha (East) to see tortoise laying eggs and the hills of Mussoorie (North) and more. Students will pair and share information with classmates and peers in meaningful ways using topic related connected sentences and visuals. Our instructors stay at program site where we meet daily to review program outcome.


Novice and intermediate students make a presentation on the final day of the program.


The goal of the program is to improve students' speaking, reading and writing skills and prepare them to use those skills in real life situations when they could explore new ideas and issues to construct their own meaning and purpose.

Our curricula is based upon the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (https://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/publications/standards/World-ReadinessStandardsforLearningLanguages.pdf)


How to Apply

The objective of this online application process is to gather information about students' background, their interest in learning Hindi, proficiency and future goals. Enrollment to the program is based on applicants' response to questions listed below and oral interviews to be conducted during the application process.

Who can apply?

Elementary, Middle and High Schoolers - Gr 1 to High School seniors

Details about the YHS STARTALK HINDI PROGRAM 2019

YHS STARTALK HINDI PROGRAM 2019 is a federally funded program. There is no Tuition Fee. Free classroom materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily; Field trip day: July 6, 2019 to experience community oriented real life activities; Technologically supported classroom sessions; Art and cultural activities including Indian cuisine, and thematically organized cultural activities; Morning Yoga; Valedictory event, July 12 for Completion Certificates distribution and Students performances to demonstrate their language and cultural skills.

Goal of online sessions
Practice writing Hindi Alphabets, key words related with India's geography, cuisine, festivals, flag, river, and monuments. For online Hindi learning, please visit: https://21stcenturyhindi.com/hindi-online-program

Parents' or guardian's consent letter with permission for using photographs and videos recorded during the program for educational and promotional purposes; permission to participate in all activities is also required.  


If you have any questions, please contact:
Ashok Ojha, Program Director, YHS STARTALK Hindi Program 2019
Email: yhsbensalem2012@gmail.com or Ph. 732-318-9891


Hindi Language and Culture Program 2018

Overarching Theme: My virtual trip to India



YHS STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Program 2018 (JUNE 18- JULY 6, 2018) was hosted by North Penn School District at Pennbrook Middle School, 1201 N Wales Rd, North Wales, PA 19454. The program theme was 'My virtual trip to India', divided into three sub-themes, 'East-West and North-South regions of India'. We developed three levels of curricula for Novice and Intermediate ranges of ACTFL proficiency guidelines. 

The theme provided information about food, festival and places to visit in each region in chunks and recycled.


The program was designed to make sure all learners demonstrate comprehension knowledge and learn to the best of their abilities. Rich visuals based authentic material engaged learners in thinking, pairing and sharing ideas and performing activities and tasks in the three modes of communication leading to improve their speaking, reading and writing abilities.


Storytelling Novice and intermediate students will present their story at a 'Story Festival' on the final day of the program.