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Learn Hindi Without Leaving Your Home


No matter which part of the world you live in, we can teach you. All you need is a computer with a WIFI connection! 


Learn Hindi Online Program

LEARN HINDI ONLINE is an online initiative by Yuva Hindi Sansthan to teach Hindi through online face to face video sessions. We will improve your speaking, reading and writing skills in Hindi during a 8-week program.

The Process

Students will be grouped according to age, grade level and background. An initial conversation with students will help us categorize you under Beginner or Intermediate class.


You will participate in a weekly session that runs for 8 weeks. Each session is 60 minutes long and conducted via live video call. The video session’s timing will be set according to mutual convenience of students and the teacher. 

The Costs

Beginners: $30 per session or $240 total
Intermediate: $30 per session or $240 total

You will be guided through speaking, reading and writing sessions in a Project based learning course designed under a specific theme. You will be expected to complete learning targets of each session before moving to the next. All eight interconnected sessions will be interconnected leading to the final project. 
- Ashok Ojha, YHS President and Director of Programs

Who Can Participate?

The program is for any Hindi Learner at any stage - including children, youth and adults. Depending on your interest and needs we will enroll you in the next level course which would be designed considering your expectations and proficiency. The program is currently offered at two levels: “Beginners” and “Intermediate”.

We follow ACTFL proficiency guidelines and STARTALK best practices for learning and teaching.


How to Register

To book a spot in the upcoming 8 week program, select the level. If you are not sure if you are in the Beginner or Advanced level, just drop a quick email to aojha2008@gmail.com about your interest and we will send you the next steps for evaluating the level you can join at.

Next 8 Week Session runs from March 1st, 2019 - April 19th, 2019


Beginner Level

$30 per session or $240 total for 8 sessions

Beginner: Hindi Online Program

Intermediate Level

$30 per session or $240 total for 8 sessions

Intermediate Hindi Online Program

Once you purchase the 8-week program, you will receive detailed instructions on how to join the video call. You will receive an email where you will be able to pick the exact date and time of your online language session so that it suits your schedule best.

Meet Your Teacher: Ashok Ojha


I am a NJ certified teacher and director of STARTALK programs for nine consecutive years since 2010, entering our 10th year in 2019. We have trained hundreds of students at Beginner and Intermediate levels.

I have received language teacher’s training at workshops held at various universities, such as, UPenn, NYU, UCLA, UNebraska @ Lincoln and more. My goal is to teach Hindi with rich cultural products, practices and perspectives.


Have questions about the online program? Simply email Ashok Ojha at  aojha2008@gmail.com or call +1 (732) 3189891