YHS - STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Program 2019

Overarching Theme: 'A Virtual Trip to India: North-South-East-West’

Post Program Activities

STARTALK requires for all students to attend learning sessions (online and onsite) during pre and post program period, especially writing practice.

Hindi Diwas Event : Sept 21, 2019 ( Click here Hindi Diwas Flyer For YHS STARTALK Hindi Language Program 2019)
YHS STARTALLK Reunion & Annual Day Event : November 2, 2019
( Click here Reunion & annual day Flyer For YHS STARTALK Hindi Language Program 2019)
Republic Day event : January 25, 2020


Yuva Hindi Sansthan, in partnership with North Penn School District, conducted its seventh YHS STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Program 2019, from June 24-July 12, to teach Hindi to 53 Elementary, Middle and High School students. Authentic audio visual and textual materials were selected under the overarching theme, 'My virtual trip to India', divided into three sub-themes of 'things to see, do and eat' in the four destinations of North, South, East and Western regions of India. During the 105 hours of instruction students practiced greetings to address people they met in the trip using appropriate register, titles, courtesy expressions, and gestures. As students explored geographical features, climate and culture of the four regions of India they engaged in games, songs, dances, skits, map and picture based activities. They experienced Dussahara festival (South), visited a beach in Odisha (East) to see tortoise laying eggs and the hills of Mussoorie (North). On the field trip day they visited a local community cultural center, where Hindi is spoken, and interacted with an artist about real life activities. Novice learners identified characters and events and presented in culturally appropriate manner while Intermediate students paired and shared, compared and contrasted information with their own experiences and ideas in USA. They investigated and identified significant and interesting cities, landmarks, historical artifacts, and recreational activities that apply to both tourism and cultural exploration; discussed, deconstructed and debated, agreed and disagreed before reaching consensus. They made presentations and wrote blogs in Hindi. Our instructors applied the STARTALK principles in instructional strategies. The daily Can Dos were posted on the walls in each classroom and reviewed with students who responded positively to exit cards end of the day. Our instructional material and teaching strategies supported the cognitive development of the learners and their higher order skills through connections between local and global issues, such as, wildlife and environment, in content. By end of the program students explained how the trips expanded their horizons and why it was a valuable experience. Students in six grades and up, took part in pre and post program AAPPL Tests.


Details about the YHS STARTALK HINDI PROGRAM 2019

YHS STARTALK HINDI PROGRAM 2019 is a federally funded program. There is no Tuition Fee. Free classroom materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily; Field trip day: July 6, 2019 to experience community oriented real life activities; Technologically supported classroom sessions; Art and cultural activities including Indian cuisine, and thematically organized cultural activities; Morning Yoga; Valedictory event, July 12 for Completion Certificates distribution and Students performances to demonstrate their language and cultural skills.

A three-week intensive summer program to improve speaking, reading and writing skills of Elementary, Middle and High School students.



The goal of the program is to improve students' speaking, reading and writing skills and prepare them to use those skills in real life situations when they could explore new ideas and issues to construct their own meaning and purpose.

Our curricula is based upon the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (https://www.actfl.org/sites/default/files/publications/standards/World-ReadinessStandardsforLearningLanguages.pdf)

Goal of Online Sessions
Practice writing Hindi Alphabets, key words related with India's geography, cuisine, festivals, flag, river, and monuments. For online Hindi learning, please visit: https://21stcenturyhindi.com/hindi-online-program

Parents' or guardian's consent letter with permission for using photographs and videos recorded during the program for educational and promotional purposes; permission to participate in all activities is also required


Novice and intermediate students make a presentation on the final day of the program.


If you have any questions, please contact:
Ashok Ojha, Program Director, YHS STARTALK Hindi Program 2019
Email: yhsbensalem2012@gmail.com or Ph. 732-318-9891