Sangam - Franklin STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Program 2019

Overarching Theme: 'Storytelling'

Post Program Activities (online/onsite) :

Hindi Diwas Event : Sept 29th, 2019 ( Click here Hindi Diwas Flyer For SANGAM Franklin STARTALK Hindi Language Program 2019)
HSF STARTALK Reunion : November 10, 2019
( Click here Reunion Flyer For SANGAM Franklin STARTALK Hindi Language Program 2019)
Republic Day event : January 26, 2020

Monthly online follow up lessons from September 2019 to March 2020


Hindi Sangam Foundation, in association with Franklin Township Board of Education, will hold its fourth STARTALK Hindi program in the Summer of 2019 at Franklin High School, 500 Elizabeth Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873 from July 22 to August 8, 2019 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Fridays.

The program aims at teaching Hindi to Middle and High School students (rising sixth to Ninth graders) of all ethnicities and backgrounds through traditional and modern stories from India. Students will be engaged in varieties of cultural activities as they learn speaking, reading and writing Hindi. Applicants are not required to have prior knowledge of Hindi.


Program Dates

A three week intensive summer program to improve speaking, reading and writing skills of Middle and High School students.

July 22nd - August 8th, 2019

9 am - 4 pm. Monday - Friday

No Tuition.

Program Venue

Franklin High School, 500 Elizabeth Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873

Storytelling Novice and intermediate students will present their story at a 'Story Festival' on the final day of the program.


The theme of the program is: ‘Storytelling’.
It is divided into three sub-themes: Personal, Traditional, and Contemporary Inspirational Stories

We will improve students' speaking, reading and writing proficiency in Hindi using varieties of communication strategies, mainly, Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational. We are carefully selecting engaging stories which our students can relate with and are appropriate for their ages and grade levels. The authentic material used in daily learning plans will meet students' proficiency needs. Students will be able to interpret the theme and messages out of the stories while reconstructing their own narratives. The computer lab of Franklin High School is equipped with latest versions of Apple laptops which will be made available to our students. In addition Hindi Sangam Foundation provides I-pads to students to practice topic based activities using appropriate language apps and audio visual recording tools. A day long field trip will be organized on Saturday, August 3rd, to provide students opportunities for interactions with native speakers. On the final day of the program  students will present their stories at a ‘Story Festival’ to reflect their language skills in the presence of parents and guests.


The goal of the program is to improve students' speaking, reading and writing skills in Hindi and prepare them to use those skills in real life situations when they could explore new ideas and issues to construct their own meaning and purpose.

Our curricula is based upon the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. 


How to Apply

This online application is the first step of recruitment process of learners of the program in order to gather information about their cultural, literacy background and purpose of learning Hindi. It will be followed by oral interviews with each student. The enrolled students will be invited to an orientation session prior to the start of the program.

Who can apply?

Middle and High School students (rising 6 to 9 graders)

Details about the Sangam - Franklin STARTALK HINDI PROGRAM 2019

Sangam - Franklin STARTALK Hindi Program 2019 is a federally funded program. There is no Tuition Fee. Free classroom materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily; Field trip day: July 6, 2019 to experience community oriented real life activities; Technologically supported classroom sessions; Art and cultural activities including Indian cuisine, and thematically organized cultural activities; Morning Yoga; Valedictory event, Completion Certificates distribution and students performances to demonstrate their language and cultural skills.

Pre and Post Program Activities

STARTALK requires for all students to attend learning sessions (online and on-site) during pre and post program period, especially writing practice. Enrollment to program is subject to fulfilling the following requirements by all applicants:

1. Parents' consent letter permitting to participate in all activities, including photos and videos recorded for educational and promotional purposes. A template for the consent form will be provided.

2. Willingness to participate in all pre and post program activities - including responding to monthly online follow up lessons from September 2019 to March 2020; Post-Program- Hindi Diwas Event: Sept 29; Reunion and Diwali: November 10, 2019; Republic Day event: January 26, 2020.

For online Hindi learning, please visit: https://21stcenturyhindi.com/hindi-online-program

The program is completely free:

A $100 donation to Hindi Sangam Foundation is voluntary and appreciated. Please make your check payable to Hindi Sangam Foundation and mail to: Hindi Sangam Foundation, 4 Melville Road, Edison, NJ 08817.


If you have any questions, please contact:
Ashok Ojha, Program Director, Sangam - Franklin STARTALK Hindi Program 2019
Email: aojha2008@gmail.com or Ph. 732-318-9891