Rohan Sharma, 9th Grade

West Windsor Plainsboro High School North, NJ

 Feedback about Sangam Franklin Startalk Hindi Program 2019

What Our Volunteers Say About Us

This summer, I got an opportunity to volunteer in the Sangam Franklin Startalk Hindi Program 2019. Star talk is an admirable program that gives the youth of our generation a chance to bond with their culture and their heritage by learning a critical language, Hindi. The camp provided volunteers with opportunities to help at many different posts throughout the three weeks. At Startalk, I was able to assist in many different parts of the program, such as: Preparing the classroom for students, assisting in the AAPPL test, helping to teaching Hindi, and helping in the technology, art, yoga, and the dance and drama activities. I feel that the program is very well equipped to allow the students to learn in a variety of ways. It had many strategies for the students to learn Hindi. From conventional teaching methods, where the teacher would tell students a story in Hindi, to more modern ways where the students would create multimedia presentations about what they learned. I like the “I do, we do, you do” concept of teaching in the program. Being a volunteer who could read, write and speak Hindi fluently, this program taught me how to manage a class and teach students effectively. Students are served food of the highest quality every day, and everyone looks excited and happy during lunchtime. Recess lets them play their favourite games, get some exercise, and make new friends. Personally, my favourite time of day is yoga class, when students align their mind, body and soul with some yoga asanas. Overall, the entire program is a great way for students to learn the language of their culture, and I was happy to spend a part of my summer helping them. I strongly recommend this volunteering opportunity for any teenager who knows Hindi.

 Rohan Sharma

9th Grade

West Windsor Plainsboro High School North, NJ


Startalk Volunteering Program 2019


Startalk has been something I look forward to every summer. I have been attending the Startalk program for three years now and I am very excited to the future years. I have graduated twice and now that I am done being student I was interested in being a volunteer. As a volunteer I can interact with the students as a peer compared to a teacher. Along with making many friends Startalk can give me many opportunities for my future college career. After being a volunteer I will be assured I have spent some of my summer in a good way. I have already contacted Ashok Ji about volunteering. I am beyond excited for the camp!

Best Regards,

Sirisha Bansal