Appreciation By Roma Tandan

Hello Ashokji,

I Hope you are doing well today! We have spoken in the past at multiple times about a passionate topic that you and I have in common: Education and Children.

My child Reena Tandon studies in WWP school district and we are very thankful for all the wonderful work the teachers and the support staff are doing day in and out. We live in challenging times where our children will be the beacons of change and bring real transformation in society. We, as parents are also very grateful to have passionate thinkers and doers in the field of education, the proof is STARTALK. Congratulations on running such as successful program! Some time back, I attended a PTA meeting where a dozen alumni had come to share their first year college experiences. All felt that WWP prepared them very well academically without a doubt! Kudos to all of you! On the other hand, they felt quite unprepared when it came to Self Care and Time Management since they are left faced with one weapon: Freedom.In America, the trend of loneliness is driving people into a vicious cycle of ill health, social isolation and a degraded quality of life. Loneliness reduces lifespan by 15 years, about the same impact as being obese or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.The sad thing is that the most affected generation is actually our kids, the Gen Z. As a parent, I want my child to be ready for more than academics in life.There are many things we can do as a community to engage better with each other. Creating healthy lifestyles, opportunities to volunteer and instilling life skills like meditation helps a lot in preparing our children better for the future. Meditation and Brain exercises have helped children all over the world to overcome and deal gracefully with stressful situations. You and I know that children will be faced with even more challenges as they grow older. Why not equip them now while they are still young with tools that have proved effective even scientifically?I would love to come to your classes and discuss this further you, giving you a guided experience of relaxation and exercises.

A guided demo on neuroplasticity and its benefits for children

  • A guided lesson in meditation along with free training apps and videos for life. 

Heartfulness is especially inviting educators to the conference. The Heartfulness Movement works with teachers and educators to give them tools and frameworks to prepare children for the future. I would love to extend an invitation to all our teachers and staff for the event. 

Could we set up a call or a meeting to chat further about this unique opportunity? 


Roma Tandon


Meditation Trainer/ Pharmacist

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